It seems like I have always been looking for love. The key word is “Looking”.  Once or twice I thought I found it. When your young you think you love every boyfriend. Its so easy to say the “L” word when your younger.

I looked at my old diary from my teens I had written along the sides: I love Jim Randy Steve Paul. In the same Year! How could I not see how ridiculous that was.

The older we get the more our perceptions of love change. I think I’m spoiled on what love looks like. My parents are still together. I see how comfortable they are and how they look & talk to each other.  I can tell when my dad is getting on my mom’s nerves & my dad can too. He just raises his eyebrows up & down like that’s his enjoyment. Probably is. Ha ha. I want that. I want what they have and I’m scared I am never going to find it.


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