That certain song


As I was walking home one day a certain song began to play.

It was sad & moody & made me feel blue.

To say the least I thought of you.

Of how we talked, laughed & shared

of how we lied, sneaked & dared.

Suddenly one day we didn’t speak, this went on for about 2 weeks.

I felt it was coming but I didn’t know why.

You did not speak I did not cry.

The days grew longer.

I’ll never forget

those certain few words I’d soon regret.

You walked up slowly to the door.

I felt I was smashed just before.

You stood there & stared not a word to speak.

I felt my heart drop as my legs grew weak.

The words came out slowly.

You used all you had.

Then when you were through you looked relieved

almost glad.

The moment was gone.

I knew I had died.

I watched you walk away & I started to cry.

I’ll never forget that one awful day.

I dried up my tears as you went away

So now when that certain song begins to play.

I close up my heart & I walk away.


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