What Love is…


Love with it’s odd endings & beginnings occasionally very painful middles & riddles

It’s surprise Hello’s & at times astonishing Adieu’s,

Its greens. its grays, its reds & its blues.

It’s flowers that come like a sunburst on a gloomy day, given by a man you barely know. 

It’s birthday’s forgotten by the man you love. 

Love with it’s rare gifts, it’s strange charm, it’s strong arm, it’s vast sass.

It’s more than an occasional boot in the ass. 

It’s blunt pain, it’s bleak rain, it’s sorrow & it’s grief.

It’s sometimes all too brief, like Cinderella’s Ball. 

So deck the halls, put on your pumps, your fears, your minks.

Don’t shrink. Put your tiara on, step out, prance high chin up dance wild with flames & eyes aglow.

Above all dear friends, before you go, before it ends & there remains no further tale to tell. 

Dare once…twice…often if you choose. 

Dare yes, dare to love. 

And if you do, make sure that you love well. 

For love is worth it. 

All is worth a call, a dream, a scheme, a sleepless night, a carriage ride or crossing half the world for a glimpse, a touch, a truth.

For love is youth, is fun, is grand, a carnival, a opera, or a ball. 

For truth to tell: Love is Life & Life is Love & Love is ALL….


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