Denied touch


You say you love me but do not touch, I long for intimacy

In the beginning you gave all, now it’s stopped

Gifts! I do not care, material is nothing

never had so do not miss

Bathe in candlelight, blanket on the ground

to feel your breath in my mouth

5 senses overload

This is what I want, this is what I need


long for from you

Am I clingy? I think not

touched by you

now left to dry

if mentioned, reprimanded

I cry

cry for the longing I wish not to feel

to stop being tortured by unfulfilled desire

desire you do not feel or want from me now

so i wait until you do

and even then I am left longing


even when I am in agony I am thrilled

yes thrilled

just to feel your skin on mine, your lips & tongue

thrilled to have my man who I love beyond reason

or self control

look my way with a caress

After all this you say


Masturbation, yes!

Therapy no

**My ex-husband used to withhold sex. I think he was gay (that is not a joke). If I would bring up how we hadn’t had sex in awhile he would tell me that I needed therapy. That there was more to a marriage then sex. Yes that is true but you need intimacy also. When you want something & you don’t get it, I think it’s natural that you think about it. I kept feeling rejected every time I would approach him until I stopped approaching him. Then after awhile I didn’t care anymore. I used food as comfort. I gained weight & was depressed. If you asked him I was crazy & needed therapy. I laugh at that. I got what I needed. A Divorce. 3 years now & I am so much happier & healthier. Before our divorce was final he was living with someone else. Now he is married again but not to that person. I think he doesn’t like being alone he’s scared he may come out of the closet. Or he just likes to control women in that manner. Which could be if he isn’t gay.***


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