Letting Hope out

The room has four walls no windows I can see.
The walls are so bright my eyes hurt, its blinding me.

Where is the color? Why is it so white?
I sit in the middle and the room goes black as night.

I put my hands out crawling, crawling towards a wall.
There could be a doorway out of here, after all.

I come across a box it feels cool and smooth
I see there’s no lock then the latch moves

The top has opened & something has appeared
It’s all the little things I hate about myself that I thought had disappeared

The room gets darker and feels so sad
If only I could get out of here before I go mad!

I sit back and start to cry,
wondering why I even try

As I dry my tears I start to see a glow.
I look at the light and then I know

This is Pandora’s Box & Hope is here too
I start to feel better & not so blue

The room is illuminated & now I can see
Hope is showing me the door way I open it and I am free

Now I’m in a meadow with no where to hide.
The sun is shining down on me there are no clouds in the sky.

I look across and see another person walking toward me
I wonder who could it be

Finally we’re face to face and its a face I know so well
Someone that I left behind because I was scared as hell.

His smile is so genuine and warm
I don’t deserve his kindness when all I did was harm

Mistakes & regrets they haunt me something I have had to deal with for a while
I wish I could make it all go away maybe then I could smile

When I opened the box and all this darkenss came flying out
Pandora released me & gave me Hope that I could forgive myself

Finally I looked up and he spoke the words he had wanted me to hear.
All he said was, ” Angie, I’ve thought about you too and don’t ever say your not worthy of anyone”

Believe me this is all true 🙂


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