Mind Full or Mindful?


Most days our minds start filling up as soon as we open our eyes in the morning. Some days I stop myself at the end of the day & wonder what did I really accomplish? Who did I come in contact with & what did I leave them thinking or feeling about me afterwards?
There are days (more frequent now) that I tell Naj’ar (my daughter) “I am going in my room for an hour to meditate” She knows not to come in or disturb me during that time.
I feel so much better after I clear my mind & just be with myself inwardly. It’s not something even my family knows I do. Not something I am ashamed of most definitely not. It’s just personal.
I am a much happier person lately due to my meditation. You learn so much from just turning inward.

November is the month for giving thanks & I am thankful to have an open mind & appreciate that everyday I am here on this plane of existence I have opportunities to raise my consciousness & be mindful as much as I can. We all think we have time, right? Do we really?
I hope you all can enjoy a few moments of mindfulness today.


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