Internet Dating

online-dating-site-soulmate-love-sex-cry-for-help-ecards-someecardsI am 44 and have tried internet dating for the last couple years. I have met a couple amazing men. The reason I’m not with either of them has to do with me. I am just starting to figure it out.  I am scared of making a wrong decision! Yep It’s the old, ‘It’s not you it’s me” cliche. Only this is true.

Just a little background I was 33 when I got married for the 1st time. My parents are still together. I’ve always wanted what they had so I waited and waited, (even had 2 kids) But anytime marriage was brought up I put the brakes on. Finally at 33 I told myself ok this is it. let’s do it!  I should have listen to my gut instinct and slammed on the brakes. I thought, but damn, i was 33 maybe I should give it a shot. I did and divorced 6 years later.

Moving on to present time, sorta, I didn’t date for 2 years. (He was engaged after 6 months).

Most of my friends are married and are out living their lives, they can’t sit at the bar with me. I don’t WANT to sit at the bar. The grocery store? Not. Library? No. Work, Uh uh (smh) Bad idea. (That’s where I met my Ex-husband)  So what else can a Woman do these days to find a nice guy?

Internet Dating. Hmmm So let’s see where this leads again. Fingers crossed


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