Being single

When ever I get into a relationship I feel like I can’t breathe. The guy could be the greatest person give me all the time and space I need but still I feel smothered. I tell them how I feel and they are compliant with all my wishes and I still want them to go away. Nice, good wonderful men and I can’t do it. Do I want a bad boy? Absolutely not. I really don’t want anyone. Well maybe a “Friend” about once a month and I am good. I am trying to figure out if there is anything wrong with me. DO I need therapy? I like being alone. I like not having to worry about how someone feels if I don’t want to see them or talk to them for days or having to think about what I say how to say it in a way that wont hurt their feelings. I’d rather be alone. I like my alone time. There is a certain freedom I feel when I don’t have to indulge a man in my whereabouts, my thoughts. I make a move on the couch and all eyes are on me. “You okay?” “Um yeah just got my panties in a wad!” Geezz I don’t want to commit my time and energy on a man. Am I selfish. Damn Skippy. Single isn’t a problem I need to solve


One response to “Being single

  1. Haha, well you’re living the life! You can have exactly what you like very easily. Many people (including myself) have the problem of wanting a partner always. That’s not a problem at all, but I think wow, how easy it would be if my greatest wish was to be alone. Have a great week!

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